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Welcome to the
Solar Lab
where Solar System Scope is being made
What is the Lab
We’ve created the Lab to discuss new Features, give you Insights into our Development and mostly - to share new Ideas and Inspiration
* this is an artistic interpretation of how the Creation Kit might look like
And they have a Plan...

It’s time to improve the Solar System Scope, show more of the amazing Cosmos - add more Celestial objects, zoom-out to Galaxy, explore the Stars. Starting with the most interesting ideas.

After Creation Kit became the indisputably winning Concept in our Poll, the Long-Term Plan was set!

We are making a Space Sandbox, where we all could create, publish and share Celestial objects, Exo-systems, Galaxies and more.

First things First

First we have to create all the construction blocks. And here it gets interesting, because this is the reason for Solar Lab: to talk, share and vote for the best Ideas (a.k.a. Blocks)

And to keep it exciting, after each new block, we’ll be also publishing something new.. If you’re curious, here is a link to our :)

Vote for the best ideas
You have already sent us a lot of great Ideas and Feedback.
Here, you can decide which ones are the Best
or email us your own suggestions.
Solar System Scope:
invented and developed