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Solar System Scope was first presented in 2010.
Thanks to amazing support of users, editors and webmasters
who shared and published it everywhere imaginable, it became one of the most popular space sites today.
Every once in a while, we update the model with most popular ideas, but every suggestion counts - so please let us know what you think of our Scope model.
Scope Team
We are Space Enthusiasts, Software engineers, Designers, and other Geeks, mostly from INOVE:
software company from EU.
We are eager to hear from you!
If want to commission us or you have a idea for the Scope Model, or just want to say hello, please feel free to write us on:
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Solar System Scope as a part of educational software for portuguese schools
Adjusting Solar System Scope for multitouch screen table and adding a queez game
Customization of Solar System Scope for chinese market
Website of astronomy project with own version of Solar System Scope
Solar System Scope:
invented and developed